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Protect your investment, development or building site by keeping crowds at bay with temporary fencing, waste enclosures and crowd control barriers.

  • Braces

    Metal brace in a variety of shapes to support the temporary fencing. It is held up by attaching clamps

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  • Construction Signs

    We have a number of construction signs which can be installed at your building site or event.

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  • Crowd Control Barriers

    Galvanised panels with interlocking pins. Removable flat feet to enable more stability and make transporting easier.

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  • High Visibility Crowd Control Barriers

    Visible Temporary Fencing is manufactured with fade-resistant reflective tape visible for up to 235 meters at night.

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  • High Visibility Temporary Fencing

    Visible Temporary Fencing is manufactured with fade-resistant reflective tape visible for up to 235 meters at night.

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  • Padlock and Chain

    Available for temporary fencing on request.

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  • Shade Cloth

    Shade cloth is a knitted fabric designed to allow air flow, with up to 70% block out. This is used in conjunction with Temporary Fence panels to add security and more privacy to your building site or event.

    Shade cloth is erected to our temporary fence upon request.

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  • Silt Sausages

    Silt sausage is a sausage shaped fabric, which is filled with sand or gravel, this sits on top of the silt stop. It aids in erosion and sediment control and is easily moved without backfilling.

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  • Temporary Fencing

    Secure your site with our fully welded temporary fencing. We have a number of fence sizes available. Suitable to close your site from unwanted guests during construction or for an outdoor event.

    Gates can be installed for access at any point as required.

    See Fencing Accessories for Braces, Construction signs, shade cloth, silt sausages, silt stop, single panel access gates and padlock and chain.

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  • Water Filled Barriers

    Roadliner crash barriers are designed to comply with AS/NZS 3845:1999.

    The Roadliner barriers are manufactured to handle harsh Australian conditions from UV stabilised polyethylene providing a strong durable system

    Available in highly visible safety colours, Red and Yellow. Each barrier provides a unique interlocking ‘S’ design to the next barrier, which are locked together with easy to use swing latches and bolts.

    The roadliner is capable of providing a safety barrier that, on impact by an errant vehicle, will bring the impacting vehicle to a controlled stop, or provide a dramatic reduction in speed and redirection.

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  • White Picket Fencing

    Our white painted timber Picket Fencing is a popular product used to give events a unique yet classic look. Best presented in grassy areas, the white fencing is also very effective when used to enclose a VIP area at a corporate event.

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